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Hollywood Babble On: Kid Bear

December 13th, 2013 | Artist: Andrew Plein


Yeah I listen to a lot of Podcasts, one in particular has been the highlight of my Mondays. Which is Hollywood Babble On of course, starring Ralph Garman & Kevin Smith. On one of the episodes they talked about Kevin being a super hero by the name of Kid Bear. I couldn’t resist drawing it. Enjoy :)

What Say You? Nugget the Honey Bear

December 12th, 2013 | Artist: Andrew Plein



If you aren’t listening to the What Say You Podcast, it’s an absolute must! Starring Q and Sal Vulcano from Impractical Jokers, it has easily become one of my fav pods for 2013. Anywho, on Episode 7 they introduce Nugget the Honey Bear. It truly captured my imagination and I had to draw it :) Enjoy :) :)

My Little Graphite Knight

September 19th, 2011 | Artist: Andrew Plein

My Little GraphiteKnight

In the time honored tradition of drawing my friends like various characters. This time my buddy Ant aka: The Graphite Knight was transformed into a Brony. Remember friendship is magic ;)

The Puck Nuts

July 6th, 2011 | Artist: Andrew Plein

Puck Nuts

(Click image to Enlarge)

Well I’m sad to see, one of my favorite Podcasts is taking a bit of a break. If you haven’t had a chance I would recommend taking a listen. The show is called the Puck Nuts and they generally try to talk Hockey before chaos ensues :) This was my entry to their T-shirt contest, though it went unused I had a ton of fun drawing it. Hope you like.



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