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One Piece Kirbys: Buggy Kirby

March 18th, 2010 | Artist: Andrew Plein

Buggy Kirby

The One Piece Kirbys continue with this weeks addition of Buggy! Each week a New One Piece Kirby so stay tuned.
Click here to check out the full group.

One Piece Kirbys: Usopp

March 12th, 2010 | Artist: Andrew Plein

Usopp Kirby

One Piece Kirby’s continue this week with Usopp Kirby!! Each week there will be a new One Piece Kiby so stay tuned. Click here to see the group.

One Piece Kirbys: Luffy

March 5th, 2010 | Artist: Andrew Plein

Luffy Kirby

After wrapping up the Naruto Kirbys started to watch One Piece. Figured it was time for some One Piece Kirby fun!!! First on the list was Luffy. Plenty more updates to follow, going to be a new One Piece Kirby each week. Stay tuned :)

GL: Kilowog Fan Art

March 1st, 2010 | Artist: Andrew Plein

Green Lantern: Kilowog

I’ve been a bit of a Green Lantern fan for quite sometime, recently decided it was time to re-read the series from the Rebirth on. I think this is my 4th read through, it just get’s better each time. Figured it was time to draw Kilowog one of my fav Lanterns!!!! Enjoy :)



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