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Comic Issues Renders: Firestorm

June 29th, 2011 | Artist: Andrew Plein

Comic Issues Render: Firestorm

Part of the Monthly Renders for the Comic Issues Podcast. This month the crew takes on the DC New Universe with a redesign of a character. Feel free to take a look at the .

TMNT Sketch

March 8th, 2011 | Artist: Andrew Plein

TMNT Sketch

The Ninja fun continues this week, though with the Turtle Variety. This sketch was made after having a discussion with a friend, he made mention about how much things were easier when we were kids. To where our only real concern was with the Ninja Turtles. Despite us not being able to agree who was the coolest Turtle I came home and just started doodling. I hope you like the sketch, but who was your favorite turtle? Even though the sketch is of Raph my fav was Donny :)

Ninja Time!!!

March 1st, 2011 | Artist: Andrew Plein
Been in a bit of a Ninja mood lately, with resulted in me drawing a whole mess of Ninjas. Unfortunately there were no turtles :(

Though I did come up with a sketch that I really liked. So first up is a Ninja Sketch, a bit stylized but I liked the overall concept.

Then I went on to try a new type of coloring style. While I like the cell shaded look with my art, I felt more contrast might help the image.

Enjoy :)

Ninja Sketch

Ninja Time

Comic Issues Album Artwork

February 24th, 2011 | Artist: Andrew Plein

With the Comic Issues Podcast launch month wrapping up, I figured it was time to share the album artwork that I developed. The overall concept of the piece was to really highlight each cast member with their personality type. My personal favorite is Daryck on the end, that guy is a blast to draw.


Be sure to check out the latest episode of Comic Issues as #3 just launched on Wednesday. Each Episode contains special trivia that can be redeemed for Points with Those points can be exchanged for various Loot items on the PixelatedGeek Giveaways page.

Enjoy :)



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