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Andrew Plein   
Web Developer / Illustrator / Graphic Designer

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Web Development, Web Designer, Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), UI Development, Social Marketing Campaigns, Co-Creator, Creative Director, Marketing Campaigns, Graphic Design, Illustration, T-Shirt Designs, Color Separation, Editor, Senior Writer, Photographer, Musician, Podcast Host, Video Editor, Gadget Designer, Character Designer, Costume Designer


Advanced HTML Coding, Advanced CSS Coding, Basic JavaScript, Basic Jquery, PHP, WordPress, Joomlah, Kintera Thon, Kintera CMS, Active Network CMS, Day CMS

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Premier, Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, Outlook, Garage Band, iMovie, Socialite, Pages



Platt College                                                                San Diego CA.

  • Achieved high marks and made Dean’s List.
  • Graduated with an Associates in Science of Graphic Design.


Grossmont College                                                    San Diego CA.

  • Explored Web and Graphic Design through a variety of offered classes.
  • Transferred to Platt College.




Nov. 2010 – Jan. 2011      After School Allstars           San Diego, CA.

Web Designer – Developer

  • Built custom HTML Email Template, with minimal Spam Score to ensure the highest possible Open Rate
  • Migrated existing Hoop Heroes site to Kintera CMS platform.
  • Custom Coded Jquery elements into CMS site to maximize the User Experience.


Contract Position

Apr. 2010 – Nov. 2010      Life Technologies                 San Diego, CA.

Web Designer – Developer

  • Created, designed, and implemented successful web promotions and marketing campaigns which increased company revenue in spite of a dwindling economy.
  • Initiated and implemented proven methods within the website interface to enable a better
  • User Experience.
  • Facilitated intracompany effectiveness with global staff in different time zones to consistently
  • launch web elements.
  • Custom coded web elements for cross browser capabilities that proved invaluable.



Feb. 2010 – April. 2010                 San Diego, CA.

Web Designer – Developer / Illustrator

  • Designed and coded the corporate website.
  • Designed and illustrated artwork that EllisTeam feels, “represents the core values of the company.”
  • Cleverly redesigned company logo. 
  • Skillfully redesigned and coded client websites.
  • Created innovative custom CSS solutions specific to client’s website while working
  • with the Silverlight platform.



Jan. 2010 -  May 2010    James Kirk Bernard FNDN   San Diego, CA.

Web Designer / WordPress Developer

  • Designed and built the custom WordPress template for the James Kirk Bernard Foundation website.
  • Maintained site and performed in depth updates with quick turn around time.


Sept. 2009 – Aug. 2009      PossAbilities                  San Diego, CA.

Web Developer / Kintera Specialist

  • Made significant updates to existing flash animation headers using XML and custom CMS components. 
  • Updated website through Kintera CMS.


Part Time Position

Nov. 2008 – Current                 San Diego, CA.

Creative Director / Editor / Senior Writer / Podcast Host

  • As Creative Director helped take Pixelated Geek from a start up company to the industry
  • renowned success that it is today.
  • Created and designed PixelatedGeek’s thriving marketing campaign.
  • Designed and rendered various illustrations for marketing and conceived the
  • latest company logo.
  • Designed latest PixelatedGeek 4.0 template, to maximize User Experience while
  • optimizing Social Networking.
  • Designed and coded progressive PG4 company email templates, which have
  • proved to be very successful.
  • Regular hosting of weekly podcasts with the newest information on electronic gaming and tech. news.
  • Spokesman and Representative, performing on and off screen interviews with top industry professionals.
  • Filmed and edited product reviews, videos, and campaigns; executing with competency, iMovie software.
  • Wrote in-depth articles reviewing products and electronic games from such companies as Namco, EA Games, Ubisoft and SplitFish, among countless others.
  • VIP at premier press events and exclusive conventions with respected industry professionals.
  • Designed and coded custom WordPress CMS Site for PixelatedGeek 3.0 Template.



Sept 2008 – Aug 2010      VGN Inc.                 Cleveland, OH.

Web Designer – Developer

  • Designed and coded SAE Financial & Housing Corp website.
  • Created custom made CSS solutions specifically for Dot Net Nuke hosted websites.
  • Worked alongside client to superior satisfaction when coded Favor & Company website based on existing design and made additionally satisfying designs upon clients request.



Mar. 2008 – July 2009      Allen Walker Entertainment        San Diego, CA.

Web Designer – Developer  / Project Manager

  • Redesigned existing site to combine advantageous elements from the original.
  • Restructured navigational and page elements for better User Experience.
  • Custom coded site to give client maximum usability.

Full Time Position

Oct 2007 – Jan 2010      Autism Speaks                 San Diego, CA.

Web Designer – Developer / Graphic Designer / Kintera Specialist

  • Developed and coded cutting-edge custom Kintera Thon | CMS websites, including
  • AFAA, AGRE, Autism Cares, Autism Safety Project, Give Now and countless special events; breaking out of the mold of standard Kintera sites.
  • Pushed the envelope on earnings by redesigning and creating existing Give Now Template with new
  • UI to maximize usability. Which has gone on to become the most successful
    Give Now Template to date.
  • Created custom email templates including the End of the Year Campaign, which far
  • exceeded the set company goals.
  • As a team have created more than 500 online properties grossing the organization an
  • accumulated $63 million and growing!



Aug 2007 -  Mar. 2009                 San Diego, CA.

Writer  / Illustrator / Graphic Designer

  • Designed a uniquely creative logo concept for owner’s website.
  • Served as press for site, interviewing Industry leaders and writing posts pertaining to events.
  • Wrote periodic video game reviews until owner moved site over to join the
    thriving PixelatedGeek website.


Full Time Position

May 2007 – Oct 2007                 San Diego, CA.

Web Developer / Flash Developer / Integration Specialist / Illustrator / ClearSpace Specialist

  • Used quick turn around time on website design, creation, and migration which lent itself to many short, fast deadlines–earning the gratitude of clients and superiors time and again.
  • Thought outside the box, which became a specialty when I created and developed flash
  • elements for client websites.
  • Rapidly absorbed and assimilated skills and techniques which proved vital as I created and migrated
  • existing websites into Active Network CMS.
  • Was consistently on target when creating and designing meticulous images and client logos for websites.
  • Was trusted to train local and international employees on ACM Platform, Advanced HTML, and CSS.



April 2007 – Nov. 2010      JetMethods                 San Diego, CA.

Web Designer – Developer / Illustrator / Graphic Designer

  • Designed a powerful corporate logo to the great satisfaction of the owner.
  • Created, designed, and coded HTML email templates for monthly email campaign
  • while maintaining low spam scores for maximum accessibility.
  • Designed and illustrated advanced technological layouts of airplane interiors and complex airport sectors, utilizing vector graphics for optimum quality in print, and ultimate flexibility in resize value.
  • Lead Training seminars on best practices of Social Networking.

Part Time Position

April 2007 – May 2007      JHG                 San Diego, CA.

Web Developer

  • Designed, coded, and maintained dual client websites.
  • Worked in league with Dot Net Nuke specialist building templates for client websites. 
  • Posted as advisor, providing experienced and effective professional recommendations at client meetings, thereby ensuring the clients’ needs were met while nurturing each site to great success.



Nov. 2005 – Oct. 2006      City Band Productions            San Diego, CA.

Web Designer – Developer / Graphic Designer

  • Designed and coded corporate website.
  • Designed and produced executive company logo.
  • Designed movie posters for featured releases including “Empty”, “Signs”, and “Foreboding.”



Nov 2005 – May 2009                 San Diego, CA.

Web Developer / Key Frame Animator / Storyboard Artist

  • Developed and coded templates for Mamba based CMS Sites.
  • Designed and illustrated artful storyboards and distinctive key frames for flash animation.


Full Time Position

Nov 2004 – April 2007      Kintera Inc.                 San Diego, CA.

Web Designer – Developer / Flash Developer / Ilustrator

  • Illustrated and built accredited flash animation for

    Kintera CMS websites.
  • Devised and coded Kintera CMS/Thon templates, with an emphasis on cross browser compatibility.
  • Designed and coded Kintera email templates, keeping in mind each template’s Spam Score
  • and testing to ensure the highest possible Open Rate, increasing Company-Client Connectivity.
  • Used acclaimed creative instincts to illustrate and animate the popular holiday characters of Kintera’s prominent e-card campaign.
  • Successfully migrated and integrated existing client websites through the complexities of the Kintera CMS platform.
  • Utilizing Kintera’s custom reporting, perfected company websites / emails to maximize the User Experience.
  • Effectively managed large groups, hosting online classes in Advanced HTML, Advanced CSS, Website Migrations and Kintera CMS Integration.
  • Further enabled company growth and efficiency by training new employees on Kintera Platform.


Sept 2003 – June 2008      Big on Kids Inc.                 San Diego, CA.

Illustrator / Graphic Designer / Character Designer / Gadget Designer / Costume Designer

  • Conceived of a plethora of ingenious and original technical gadgets for use by lead characters and illustrated final product sketches.
  • Designed and illustrated individual characters and costumes for the film.
  • Designed and illustrated the Self Defense Coloring Book for Kids.


Full Time Position

Nov. 2003 -  Nov. 2004      Bold Distribution                 San Diego, CA.

Web Designer – Developer / Illustrator / Graphic Designer

  • Developed and coded corporate website.
  • Maintained corporate website and performed monthly updates responding specifically to the needs of the client including updating catalogs using third party applications.
  • Designed and illustrated vibrant artwork for skateboards, wake-boards, and packaging using Adobe Illustrator.
  • Adeptly separated complex colors with intricate Illustrator files for print on specialized products.


Freelance Position

Oct 2002 -  Aug 2007      Neko Press Comics                 San Diego, CA.

Web Designer – Developer / Flash Developer / Illustrator

  • Designed and coded the popular website.
  • Modernized, making the website more user friendly while optimizing for search engines.
  • Developed and custom coded it’s own personal online store with PayPal plugins.
  • Regularly maintained website and revitalized it with monthly updates.
  • Improved sales with a diversity of marketing campaigns for multiple products.
  • Designed and illustrated pin-up artwork for published comic book: Kickass Girl #3.



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